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Bronze Nazareth

He walks a city of bullet riddled minds, with havoc escaping the mouths of brutal racists, stray dogs meeting more glorious words than him. Every other turn was a drug spot, every corner shop resembled the familiar face of a B&E party store, every love became a tragedy, and many of life’s expectations were not […]

Illah Dayz

 On the couch at his girl’s sister’s home, Illah days used to just say ‘what up’  to Kevlaar 7 in passing and keep it moving. Illah Dayz hadn’t the slightest idea of the ties Kevlaar had in the world of hip hop. Eventually it was brought to Illahs attention that Kevlaar was an MC and […]

Lord Jessiah

Detroit hip hop producer Lord Jessiah (Black 7 Productions) has been hard at work estabilishing the brand of Black 7 Productions. Lord Jessiah is known for crafting unique blends of soulful beats mixed with equally hard core socially conscious hip hop. Having initially established himself with production via the Michigan based group Dezert Eez, he is […]

June Megalodon

June Mega music is often gritty and rambunctious in style, exemplifying Mega’s highly conceptual thought process. While Mega finds light in dark, and beauty in destruction – the forgotten places he takes the listener confirm him as a true artist.  Every Mega verse is a unique, authentic work of art, giving the listener a glimpse into the heart […]