The Illastrator (Illah Dayz) is out now!

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Black Day In July releases the debut solo release “The Illahstrator” by Illah Dayz of the Wisemen.

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Detroit, Michigan


Black Day in July Productions proudly released “The Illahstrator” by Illah Dayz  (Wisemen) on May 15, 2105.  The album features contributions from the Wisemen, and production is helmed by Bronze Nazareth, and The late Great Kevlaar 7.

Illah Dayz has been crafting his solo debut since first introduced to Bronze Nazareth by Kevlaar 7. First penning his debut verse on “Superbowl Cipher” in 2006.   Illah Dayz grew up on Detroit’s eastside, in an area deemed the Helen Block. A rough existence, Illah quickly learned the harsh realities and lessons of life that now haunt his book of rhymes. Illah’s word play and unorthodox rhyme style set him apart from most emcees today. Prior to Illah’s inauguration into the crew, there was a chemistry filled session in a west-side studio where it was evident he was one of the missing pieces. ‘Super Bowl Cipher’ was recorded that night, and Illah left the studio as a new member of the Wisemen. Unbeknownst to him a life altering event waited just around the corner. Only 2 blocks away from Black Day studio, a motorist ran a red light and smashed right into Illah’s vehicle. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. The Wisemen stuck by and supported Illah during his recovery and rehabilitation, welcoming him whenever he was ready. Illah has returned from that tragedy wiser, stronger, and with pen in hand, determined to rhyme all the way to his dreams.

Illah’s life sets the stage for “The Illahstrator”. It’s an  honest glimpse that showcases Illah’s life journey without censor. Bronze Nazareth, Executive Producer, states “This is an exciting time in the development of Illah Dayz as an emcee, and the music and lyrics on “The Illahstrator” will be a testament to his abilities. It’s like a picture book, that’s why we call him the illahstrator, he paints what it is he wants you to take from his writings.  He’s a visual writer”

Illah has provided stellar verses on Wisemen’s “Children of a Lesser God” and held his own with his crew on several standout performances. Through his unpredictable flow, energetic rhymes and crowd stopping  live performances, Illah Dayz hopes to distinguish his name and cement his position in hip hop with his full length LP: “The Illahstrator”.

Official Videos

“Promo I”

“I Roll a Route”

“Ken Griffey”


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