Eastside Detroit, Hell Block

Illah days used to just say ‘what up’  to Kevlaar 7 in passing and keep it moving.

The two prolific MC’s met as Kevlaar  7 was dating the younger, Illah the elder of two sisters in Detroit. 

   Illah Dayz hadn’t the slightest idea of the ties Kevlaar held in the world of hip hop. Eventually it was brought to Illah’s attention that Kevlaar was an MC and producer. After breaking the musical ice, the two sat in a hot car and Kevlaar cued up some of the production he’d been crafting. Illah rhymed over beats he thought were absolutely too slow for his taste,  slow but Kevlaar liked what he heard. That meeting set off an instant connection, and was the spark that culminated in Illah’s entry into the Wisemen.

    Illah Dayz grew up on Detroit’s eastside, in an area deemed ‘Black Bottom’. They called it the Helen Block. A rough existence, Illah quickly learned the harsh realities and lessons of life that now haunt his book of rhymes. Illah’s word play and unorthodox rhyme style sets him apart from most emcees today. 

    After a studio session on the fateful night of his first recording with the Wisemen, a tragedy waited just around the corner.  A motorist would run a red light and smash violently into Illah’s vehicle. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. After month of recovery,  Illah emerged from that tragedy wiser, stronger, and with pen in hand, determined to rhyme all the way to his dreams.