King Perfect

Kevlaar 7 is an unadulterated dose of reality….the type of wake up call that can change your perspective on life.  After just one listen to Kevlaar 7’s lyrical talent, intellect, concepts and insight, it’s clear that this unparalleled MC/Producer is about as real as it gets. This is true simply because of the way he has chosen to articulate himself.

   Candidly outspoken and controversial, Kevlaar 7 has quickly become one of hip hop’s strongest voices for the people, with his well-crafted rhetoric and street versus reality imagery. 

    Soon after the critical and commercial success of his younger brother’s “The Great Migration”, street emcees were taking notice and yearned to be a part of the movement. The Wisemen were formed, and out of it came the cerebrally menacing debut, “Wisemen Approaching” in 2007. Kevlaar’s mark was all over the album with his stellar production and visual word play. With an unforgiving aural assault, it was also highly critically acclaimed, and a commercial success. 

   On July 17, 2009, Kevlaar 7 released his first collective of solo work in a mix tape titled “Unbutton your Holsters Vol. I”. Soon after the 2nd Wisemen album, “Children of a lesser God”, released (2010) grabbing the top spot for album of the year on several hip hop blogs and websites. 

A solo run was next for Kevlaar. Who Got The Camera (2011), Die Ageless (2012), and Sophisticated Movement (2013) were released in an unrelenting stream of work from Kevlaar. 

No one could know this would be his last run. Kevlaar would pass away on December 23, 2014 losing his lifelong battle with a rare blood disorder (APS). He was just 37 years old. 

   “I’m not in the business of beating around the bush to get my point across. I have a duty to speak the truth and let our people know what the reality is, even if it is ugly.  I will always preserve my integrity. I got something I need the world to adhere to”