Number Street Hustler

     Growing up in the infamous ‘numbers’ streets, a rough set of blocks in Southwest Detroit, Phillie learned to use his intellect and innate street savvy to contend with the daily hazards of street life. Before becoming Wisemen, Phillie drifted in and out of several groups and label scenarios, unable to identify people, or entities, worthy of his raw talent until he met the Wisemen.

     Discovering Phillie in the streets of Southwest Detroit while circulating his business card to prospective clients/members, Bronze elaborates: ‘We met on the numbers streets, and Phillie told me he rhymed, so I played him some beats and we went back and forth freestyling, and we just seemed to connect on the same mental plane. 

     Phillie began crafting his solo debut since  listeners were first introduced to him on Bronze Nazareth’s “The Great Migration”  in 2006.   

    Phillie’s hunger gave life to “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” a refreshingly honest feel and showcases Phillie’s life journey on Detroit’s infamous ‘Number Streets’. His first solo with Bronze Nazareth as producer,  is like reading a book – you take your mind right to the time and place Phillie speaks of on each song.”

Phillie has provided stellar performances on both Wisemen LPs and held his own alongside appearances  Gza, Planet Asia, Ras Kass, Masta Killa, Heltah Skeltah. Through his trademark voice, energetic and unpredictable live performances, and intricate rhymes, Phillie has become a highly anticipated artist and continues to rise.