Diggstown Anchor

Growing up in the Diggs projects of Detroit, Salute embraced a string of self-described wild years, garnering street experience and eventually finding himself seeing tragedies that would be too much for the average man to overcome. 

      On the Eastside of town, Salute Da Kidd had a chance meeting with Bronze Nazareth, a Wu Tang Clan & Rza protege. Salute and Bronze experienced an instant connection, and both were into rapping. Bronze introduced members Kevlaar 7 & Phillie & this tight-knit unit would evolve into The Wisemen. Salute Da Kidd was a major contributor to the 2007 release of The Wisemen’s critically acclaimed, debut “Wisemen Approaching”. Released on NY indie labels Kings Row Music Group/Babygrande Records, the album was heavily lauded in the underground scene. Salute shined throughout the album on songs including, “Founder of Pain”, “Up There Beyond”, and “Associated” featuring the GZA. The 2nd Wisemen album, “Children of a lesser God”, dropped in 2010 though heavily slept on, features Salute prominently as he became more involved in the studio process. 

     In 2012, though details are unclear Salute was convicted of attempted murder, and remanded to the the Michigan Department of Corrections. His earliest release date in 2023. The ever resilient Wisemen, still dropped Salute Da Kidd’s solo debut “Diggstown” in 2015.