Bronze Nazareth | Instrumental Mourning


Bronze Nazareth | Instrumental Mourning


Here is one of the most personal records Bronze Nazareth has made. This gloomy instrumental set speaks to the current of deep spirituality that fights to liberate him from the searing and agonizing pain that followed the loss of his brother Kevlaar 7.¬† Recorded over months and months of deep mourning, this worked doubled as Bronze’s medicine.

Nazareth stepped into the studio and created one of the most thought-provoking, concise, and gripping musical therapy remnants currently in our memory. From the undulatory basslines to the last breathy notes, Nazareth is at the peak of his logical and emotionally varied production.

Awakening a spiritual life from the darkness of his world, “Instrumental Mourning” is an amazingly beautiful, yet melancholy EP. It’s a record that not only attempts but realizes the ambitious undertaking of Nazareth’s concept; his emotional, searching, sometimes prayerful journey is abundantly clear while at the same time deftly and remarkably honoring Kevlaar 7 through movie clips and riveting musical vibrations.


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